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Welcome to the Strathmore Court Homeowners Association!

Strathmore Court is an association of 440 privately owned homes. We are NOT condominiums or co-ops. The community is made up of 3 sections, with homes built by 3 different builders (Levitt, SHR, Carriage Homes), and original owners have been here since the mid-1970s. There is a variety of layouts, with some homes including basements, garages, one or two story floor plans, and more. A nine member Board of Trustees, elected by homeowner/members of the association, oversee the operations of the Strathmore Court Homeowners Association. Day to day activities are performed by The Management Company of Blue Point, NY and there is an on-site full time superintendent as well.

Homeowner News

Important SCHOA notice

There have been several reports of car and home break–ins within the community. Be sure to always lock your doors and windows and do not leave items of value in your cars.

Tree and Brush cleanup

The Board has been able to schedule ANDERSON'S TREE SERVICE to work in Strathmore Court on the following days:
November 23 and 24, December 7, 8 and 17

Deer and Tick

The Board has researched the deer and tick issue raised by homeowners. Conversations took place with both the Town and County. There may be future programs created, but there are none at this time.

Clubhouse Remains Closed

The clubhouse, including the gym, will remain closed until further notice, because of potential liability and COVID-19 restrictions.

Blow–up Pools, Bounce Houses and Inflatables

Bounce House

Please be advised that the Town of Brookhaven requires that all pools of any kind must be behind a minimum 4 foot fence with a gate that locks from inside. This means that you may not place your wading pool or any other inflatable pool in your front yard, on the common ground, or any place that it not protected by a locked fence. If you wish to place it within your fence–enclosed backyard you may do so at your own risk.

All inflatables, such as “bounce houses”, may never be placed on the common ground. These devices usually require being staked into the ground and you can easily drive a stake through the sprinkler system. Any damage caused to the sprinkler system will be billed back to the homeowner and a fine will be levied as well.


Taps Across America

See and hear two Memorial Day renditions of "Taps" by Aliza Greenberg and her aunt and music teacher.


2 full carloads — 864 lbs. of food and toiletries delivered to L.I. Cares – $1100 checks and gift cards.
THANK YOU — Anita and all of the volunteers.

A Message to Our Community

Please know that the board and The Management Co. are doing their best to maintain our community within the boundaries and guidance set by local, state, and federal governments. Landscapers are working and lawns will be mowed but they are dependent on the weather and staffing conditions. Other work will be handled in a very limited fashion until we are permitted to expand our activities. The Management Co. staff is working from their homes, and can be contacted via email. To communicate, use We wish you and your families well, and we thank you for your patience and understanding. Everyone is doing the best they can under the circumstances.

The Management Company has relocated

The Management Company has a new address.

81 Old Dock Road
Yaphank NY, 11980

Holiday Decoration Guidelines

The board has published new guidelines for holiday decorations.
Click here to read

Notice to all homeowners

There is no increase in SCHOA common charges for the year 2020. Our fees remain at $200 per month.


Please pick up after your pets and dispose of the waste appropriately. DO NOT use storm drains! DO NOT leave messes on sidewalks, lawns, common grounds, parking areas, etc.! BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER AND A GOOD NEIGHBOR.
Thank you.

Pet cleanup

STAR Program Meeting 10/24/2019

The speakers were Receiver of Taxes Louis Marcoccia and Tax Assessor Richard DeBragga and here are the highlights of the meeting.

  • This new part of the Star program is a NY state regulation and can change in the future.
  • Basic Star exemption is available to everyone who owns a house as their principle residence who has an income under $500,000
  • Enhanced Star follows the same requirements, along with an income requirement of less than $86,300 in 2019. (This changes to $88,050 in 2020.)
  • Currently the Star exemption is part of one’s tax bill, listed as a credit, which reduces one's tax obligation.
  • This will continue unless one opts for a change, which is to receive a check from NY state rather than the credit.
  • To choose the check option, one must opt in. To continue receiving the credit, one needs to do nothing.
  • If the home was purchased in 2015 or later, there is no option. Those homeowners WILL receive a check.
  • The checks may take as long as a year or two to come from the state.
  • The check amount may be counted as income for income tax purposes, which may have serious financial impacts for some.
  • Once you opt in to receive the check, that option will continue forever.

It was the recommendation of both speakers that homeowners NOT OPT IN to receive a check.

If the home was purchased in 2015 or later, and therefore there is no option, one can use the website to read more and sign a petition of protest.

There are now brochures on the clubhouse front table, provided by the Town, that offer more information.

Town Supervisor

BROOKHAVEN TOWN SUPERVISOR ED ROMAINE met with approximately 25 community residents on Thursday, May 16, 2019.

The items that were discussed were:

  • Brookhaven is the largest town in area in N.Y. and second largest in population
  • recycling, especially glass (no market worldwide for glass at this time)
  • removing or trimming overgrown trees (discuss with LIPA)
  • early voting in November (one location, at Town Hall, 10 days before Election Day)
  • Town Hall Farmers' Market (opening the last week in May, Thursday’s 2—6 pm)
  • possibility of Fios (Town is willing, Fios not at this time due to necessity of wiring the Town)
  • townwide garbage (no multi-family)
  • Town landfill
  • former K-Mart property at Artist Lake
  • former Medford movie house property
  • zombie houses
  • preserving open space and limiting development

New Homeowners Meeting

Several board members met with some of our new homeowners on 4/9/19 to welcome them to our community and answer any questions that they had.
Among the items discussed were:

  • we are a PUD, not a condo
  • fire alarms
  • sprinklers
  • our website (
  • plot plans and/or surveys
  • handyman jobs
  • roofs
  • solar panels
  • oil tanks
  • tennis and basketball court repairs
  • gutters
  • driveways
  • landscaping/mulch
  • trees
  • concrete repairs


Strathmore HOA does not condone, conduct business or respond to Facebook posts.

Please contact The Management Company directly
Thank you,
The Strathmore Court BOD

Management Company Emergency Number

The Management Company has employed an after hours emergency number
(631) 548–8286

Homeowner Reminder

There is no parking on the lawns. Violators will be fined.

1st Offense: $100
2nd Offense: $150
3rd Offense: Car towed and stored at homeoener expense