Strathmore Court Homeowners Association
Coram, NY



Management Company Clubhouse Hours:

Monday 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Thursday 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
except Holidays

Clubhouse Hours:

5:30 AM - 11:00 PM
7 Days a week


Committee Volunteers
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Natural gas conversion

On April 8, the board met with representatives from National Grid and Fairway Plumbing and Heating to discuss the impact of natural gas conversion.
Following that meeting, a decision was made and a letter was sent to all homeowners who signed up for conversion.

Note: A draft copy was initially posted, the correct memo was posted on Sunday April 13 at 5:00 PM. Sorry for the error.

Read the letter

Annual Homeowners Meeting and Elections

The annual homeowners meeting and elections were held on Tuesday April 1, 2014

Read what happened.


Homeowners are reminded not to dump trash or any other debris in the wooded areas surrounding common grounds.

Facebook Group

A homeowner has created a Facebook group for Strathmore Court residents.
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Interested in converting to natural gas?

If you are interested in converting your heating system to natural gas, send an e–mail
to or click here for information.

Clubhouse House

Welcome to the Strathmore Court Homeowners Association, a community of private homes located in Coram, Long Island.

Playground  Pool

Maintenance Guidelines

At the June, 2012 meeting, the Board of Directors approved a Maintenance Guidelines document
created by The Management Company that defines the responsibilities of the Homeowners Association
and the homeowner. A copy of this document was mailed to each homeowner.
Remember, Strathmore Court is NOT a condominium, we each own our own home.

Click her to view the Maintenance Guide

Selling your Home

There are a number of homes for sale in the community. Before selling your home, you must
obtain a closing statement from the Association by following the Sale of home procedure
and submitting related documents. All requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to closing.

Attention Pet Owners

You must clean up after all of your pets. Do not use storm drains or the recycling dumpster or the common grounds of our community for your pet's waste. Cat and dog waste should not be fouling our areas. It is your responsibility to care for your pets.

Sign up for e–mail Notification

In an effort to communicate quickly and effectively with homeowners, the Association
is creating a database of homeowner email addresses. Register your e–mail address here

Vacated Homes

The Board is aware that we have a few homes that have been vacated or abandoned.
Vacant homes can cause a number of hazards, including fire, water and pest damage.
If you know of a vacant home please notify The Management Company by sending an email
to, calling (631) 363-5500 or stopping by the clubhouse.

The Board needs to know where any vacated or abandoned home is located so that appropriate steps
can be taken.

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