Strathmore Court Homeowners Association
Coram, NY



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Pool Hours

12:00 noon - 8:00pm
Seven days a week
Pool Rules

Clubhouse Hours

5am — 11pm
Seven days a week

Management Company Hours

Monday 3pm – 6pm
Thursday 3pm – 7pm
except holidays

Mon 3pm – 6pm
Thu 3pm – 7pm
except holidays


Welcome to the Strathmore Court Homeowners Association!

Strathmore Court is an association of 440 privately owned homes. We are NOT condominiums or co-ops. The community is made up of 3 sections, with homes built by 3 different builders (Levitt, SHR, Carriage Homes), and original owners have been here since the mid-1970s. There is a variety of layouts, with some homes including basements, garages, one or two story floor plans, and more. A nine member Board of Trustees, elected by homeowner/members of the association, oversee the operations of the Strathmore Court Homeowners Association. Day to day activities are performed by The Management Company of Blue Point, NY and there is an on-site full time superintendent as well.

Homeowner News

Hot Dog Picnic

The Annual Hot Dog Picnic will take place on Saturday July 7.

It's time to sign up to attend this year's HOT DOG PICNIC
Registration forms are available in the clubhouse or print one here
Fill out form and deposit it in the clubhouse mailbox by MONDAY, JUNE 25.

Game Night

There will be no July game night so we can prepare for the Hot Dog Picnic.

Notice from Maggio's

We appreciate the positive feedback from so many of you regarding the new waste and recycling totes. It is a system that provides the most environmentally effective way to collect your waste and recyclables.

It is important that your waste materials are inside the totes and not left out next to the totes or in other waste containers.

The collection is done by the automated truck that picks up and dumps the totes. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the collection process please be sure to adhere to the following guidelines.

Monday is collection day for totes, ALL materials must be in the tote. Each home is provided one tote for garbage. If you need a bigger tote, we can provide a 65 or 95 gallon tote to accommodate your waste. Do not leave additional items next to the totes. Large debris and cardboard boxes, considered bulk items should be left out on Thursday ONLY for bulk pickup.

Further Clarification From MAGGIO'S …

"After speaking to the Operations Mgr., I can confirm we will pick up cardboard with the recycling on Wednesdays. Please make every effort to break it down and place it in the blue tote if possible. If not, next to it is okay with us. Also please note ..... A cardboard box filled with garbage is considered garbage and should go out on Thursday for bulk pick up."

If you're a Maggio's customer and didn't get this recent message, contact them to get onto their emailing list.

New Homeowners Meeting

On April 19, board members Ed Burger, Charles Congema, Pat Cruz and Helene Singer met with new homeowners for an informational meeting.

Topics covered:

  • PUD, not condo or co-op
  • 3 builders and history of Strathmore Court.
  • plot surveys
  • use community website for information
  • Management Company
  • elections and Board members
  • Annual Meeting
  • home maintenance
  • work orders
  • Maggio's
  • pool
  • roofs
  • trees
  • driveways
  • sprinklers
  • concrete
  • parking
  • repairs
  • hot dog picnic, sponsored by TMC
  • recreation activities
  • need to be informed and be involved in the community


  • increase clubhouse hours from 11:00 pm until midnight
  • more homeowner meetings in addition to one annual meeting
  • need to replace tv in gym
  • permission to remove a tree on homeowner property and/or common ground

Your common charges at work

See photos of a tree being removed on Federal Lane.

Annual Homeowners Meeting

The Annual Homeowners meeting was held on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. Minutes

Homeowner Reminder

There is no parking on the lawns. Violators will be fined.

1st Offense: $50
2nd Offense: $100
3rd Offense: Car towed and stored at homeoener expense

Sundaes on Sunday

Homeowners enjoyed ice cream sundaes in the clubhouse on March 25.

Strathmore Court Stitchers

The Strathmore Stitchers (also known as knitters and crocheters) created over 150 baby hats which will be delivered to St. Charles Hospital in time to welcome all of the holiday newborns. We all hope that every baby will feel the warmth and love of our creations!


The SCHOA Knitting Circle meets every Tuesday 1pm–3pm in the clubhouse.
Details here