Strathmore Court Homeowners Association
70 Strathmore Court Drive
Coram, NY 11727

Key Fob Application

Address: ______________________________

Resident (Homeowner or Tenant) Second Key Fob
Name: ______________________________ Name: ______________________________
Phone: ______________________________ Phone: ______________________________
e-mail: ______________________________ e-mail: ______________________________

Landlord Authorization for Tenants:

I, (owner) ____________________________________________________________, own

the premesis at (address) __________________________________________________.

I presently rent my unit to (tenant) _______________________________________.

I hereby give my permission to said tenant to receive Key Fob(s) to gain entry to the Clubhouse parking lot. I understand that they may only have access as long as common charges and House Rules fines are current and that I am solely responsible for these fobs.

Homeowner’s Signature:___________________________________________ Date: __________

For Office Use Only

Key Fob 1: ____________                   Processed by: ________

Key Fob 2:  ____________                   Key Fob 2 Payment Received:  ____________

I acknowledge the receipt of ____  key fobs. I understand these fobs must be returned to SCHOA
when I am no longer a member of the Association. I also understand that in the event of loss or damage,
a replacement fee of $25.00 will be assessed for each fob and the original fob will be disabled.

Signature:___________________________________________ Date:  __________