Strathmore Court Homeowners Association
Coram, NY



Brookhaven Officials Meeting May 17, 2017

The meeting was attended by approximately 35 residents and there were several messages of thanks to both officials for the Town work that was done. Here are some highlights

Supervisor Edward Romaine

  • focused on Town working to tear down and eliminate "zombie houses"
  • NYS legislation exempts HOAs, co-ops, and condos and he is working to change that law
  • every zombie house effectively steals from its neighbors
  • using a $50,000 grant to study how to combine services across the Town
  • always attempting to reduce taxes

Highway Superintendent Daniel Losquadro

  • recognized a long-standing problem that existed in our community and worked to solve it
  • worked with Supervisor and Town Council to create the capital project which, combined with other funds, removed our islands, repaired drainage, and paved the roads
  • contractor will return to correct problems that still exist
  • Brookhaven is the third largest highway dept. in NYS, after NYS dept. itself and NYC
  • it is one of the largest towns, larger than most counties, including Nassau
  • 3,500 miles of paved roadways in Brookhaven
  • promised to look into areas of concern raised by residents (Hancock, Burgoyne, Georgian, Federal)
  • possibility of creating bike lanes in our community
  • distributed gifts of re-usable shopping bags