Strathmore Court Homeowners Association
Coram, NY



Strathmore Court Homeowners Association
Highway Department Meeting
December 22, 2016

On December 22, 2016 Pat Cruz and Helene Singer met with Dan Losquadro and Steve Tricarico at the Brookhaven Highway Dept. offices for about an hour. Steve took detailed notes. We discussed all of our questions/concerns.

The scheduled 3 year project will be completed in 2 years.

  1. Sprinkler repairs – These are the responsibility of the contractor. In the spring, when everything is turned on, we must send them the locations of problems (obviously near the curb and apron work), and they will take care of them.
  2. Aprons that still need repair – We gave them the 2 addresses that we had (7 Charleston, 9 Norfolk) and they will look at them. If there are other specific addresses, let us know and we'll forward them.
  3. Streetlights still out – We gave them the locations of Burgoyne, Federal, Fredricksburg and, after explaining about the difficulties with repairing old buried wiring, they promised to look into the outages.
  4. Fence area across from clubhouse – The ground area and the sump/drainage gate will be repaired.
  5. Sand and gravel in the streets – They will look at it, although once plows come through after snow, it will probably be plowed up. All of it will be gone once the streets are repaved.
  6. Nails on streets from removal of the curb forms – They will speak with the contractor.
  7. Different materials on curbs not sealed, tripping hazards – Some crack/seam sealing will be done.
  8. Moratorium on digging up streets – 5 years after paving project, except in cases of emergencies, such as water main break.
  9. Plowing this winter – Curb delineators will be installed very soon so that plows will have curb markers. When told that the courts weren't plowed this past Saturday, 12/17, they said they would check it out.
  10. Schedule for 2017 – All streets and courts will be fully paved. Homeowners will be notified the day before with door hangers. There will be a temporary inconvenience, not to last more than a few hours. Cars must be removed when notified, or Town will remove them and possibly charge homeowner.

It was a very productive meeting and it's advantageous to have a good relationship with them.

We have invited them to come and speak at a homeowner meeting, possibly in early May, and they were very receptive to the idea.

Respectfully submitted,
Helene Singer
SCHOA Secretary