Strathmore Court Homeowners Association
Coram, NY



Key Fob Idea

Are you having trouble using your key fob to access the clubhouse gate because:

  1. you are too short
  2. your car is too tall or too low
  3. your arms are too short
  4. you just can't bend your hand enough at the proper angle to get the fob under the glass cover panel
  5. you can't get close enough to the keypad

Helene Singer has come up with a solution:

Key Fob Extension

Get a popsicle stick, a chopstick, a plastic knife or spoon and, using tape or rubber band or both, attach your key fob to it. Once you have a longer “handle” to your fob, you can maneuver it more easily and the gate will open much more easily for you.

Key Fob Attachment